As part of my commitment to developing the next generation of theatre technicians, I offer workshops in various aspects of technical theatre and stage management. 

In my role as Backstage and Technical Theatre Mentor for Bunbanter’s Young Theatre Company and Bunbanter’s Young Scottish Theatre Company I have run workshops on Stage Management, Lighting and Sound for young people aged 12-15 and 16+.  For Project 100 I ran a workshop on Theatrical Lighting and Sound for learning-disabled people and their friends.  I have also run a workshop on the basics of Technical Theatre and Lighting Design for the students on a bellydance performance course, which was designed to give them an introduction to theatre that would be useful for communicating their needs as well as a way of considering technical elements as part of the creation of their performance.

I am able to run workshops targeted for a variety of different participants and on numerous technical areas. Please contact Louise if you would like further information or to arrange a workshop.

Scottish Bunbanters“We were delighted to welcome back Louise this Saturday for our first session together, outside the theatre.  As our brilliant backstage and technical mentor, Louise was in this week to talk all things lighting and audio for our latest project.  After a quick game of our favourite, stop drop and roll - of which Louise won! - and a physical and vocal warm up, all led by Holly this week, we started looking at lights.  These ranged from big theatre lamps like a Fresnel spot light and par 56 lamp, to the very small, adorable birdy light - also known as a par 16.

Together we looked at how you might light someone with each lamp and then moved on to looking at how coloured gels placed in front can affect the mood of a scene or the look of a lit character.  We saw certain greens give the feeling of a factory, while oranges made us feel like we were somewhere in the sun!

Next we looked at audio, seeing how sound waves work and can be edited and got to see how microphones work - all very useful knowledge to have while working in a theatre.  After a bit of a break and a tea we started putting theory into practice and used the different lights and colours on different objects to see how dramatically changed they can look, from either colours changing to how it stands out from the background around it.

It was so lovely seeing Louise again, we had such a fun, creative session this Saturday and can’t wait to see her again soon!”

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