Murder Mysteries

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I run the company Mystery Inc. who produce interactive murder mystery plays, directing both my own scripts and others.  Each play allows for audience interaction, where the audience are in the role of detective, trying to solve the mystery themselves.  This gives the actors a great deal of freedom to improvise, and as director I help them to prepare thoroughly for this by a process of close textual analysis for clues to the character and to develop their back-story, followed by a period of hot-seating and work on improvisation skills.


Mystery Inc. has a regular company of actors who have appeared in numerous productions, but is always looking for new actors who enjoy the challenge of improvising.  If you are interested in joining our company of players, please contact Louise.

Mystery Inc. regularly stages murder mystery performances, and we have a number of plays in repertory that we are able to perform.  If you would like to arrange a performance, please contact Louise.  Details of forthcoming events are listed on our Events page, and you can receive invitations to our events by joining our mailing list.  To sign up, email


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