Blue Box Messiah

To coincide with the 50th anniversary of ‘Doctor Who’ I directed the play ‘Blue Box Messiah’, a comedy play about the religion of ‘Doctor Who’. The play was written by the author of ‘Whostrology’, Michael M Gilroy-Sinclair, and toured briefly in the North-East before being performed at the Whovian Wedding in London. 

BBMCould Doctor Who be a religion?  That’s the question which life-long Whovians Matt and Luke ponder in this comedy about life, the universe, and the mad man in a blue box. But what makes something a religion? What is a religion for? Isn’t Doctor Who too wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey to give life meaning? Or is it, in fact, a source of good role models and valuable lessons on how to live a fantastic life? Featuring a cast of various vicars, comic coppers, absurd aliens, an ex-Santa and a little girl called Susan(all played by two actors), join us on a journey through all of time and space, in this celebration of the greatest television show in the universe, and the fans who love it way too much! 

The play was conceived as a small-scale piece suitable for any room with a sofa, and can be toured in a large suitcase.  If you would be interested in staging a performance at your theatre, pub, convention or living room, please contact Louise.  Further information is also available on the Blue Box Messiah website:

The script of Blue Box Messiah is also available to buy for Kindle at 

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