Sound Design

I created this soundscape of a night forest to accompany a scene in ‘Dorothy’s War’.  The script called for the sound of a Normandy forest at night with distant machine-gun fire.  I began by researching the machine guns that were used in the period, and locating the sounds of a Lewis, a Vickers and a German MG08-15 machine gun.  I then edited these together with the forest soundscape, adjusting levels to create a balanced effect.

For the play ‘Yan Tan Tethera’ which formed one-quarter of ‘4 Thoughts’ the script required the sound of a long thunderstorm which lasted throughout the entire play.  At various points in the play the rain stopped, the wind grew quieter and eventually the storm died away.  Over this twenty-minute soundscape I layered the noise of sheep bleating, the sound of a generator, rain on a tin roof, and menacing thunder.  This clip demonstrates a small section of the soundscape which includes the underlying storm, the sound of sheep and some thunder.

As part of Frinton Summer Theatre’s 2014 season, a haunted baby monitor emitted a ‘spooky noise’ in the play ‘Memento Mori’.  To create this effect I blended the sounds of rustling leaves, sleeping dogs and a snoring dormouse.  The resulting effect was compressed to sound as if it was coming through the poor quality speaker of a baby monitor.

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