Lighting Design for Installations


During the preparation for the ZENDEH production ‘FLOCK’, I worked with the visual artist and sculptor Yvette Hawkins (, to create an installation for the Shab-e Yalda event.

Artist: Yvette Hawkins
Artistic Director (ZENDEH): Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambakhsh
Photos: Louise Gregory

As Above So Below

Following our collaboration on ‘FLOCK’, Yvette and I worked together again for her installation ‘As Above So Below’ which took place in the Castle Keep, Newcastle, during the Late Shows in 2013.  Yvette’s artworks, consciously mimicking the carvings in the stones of the Chapel, were subtly lit with battery-powered LEDs which would not damage the delicate paper structures.

Photos: Yvette Hawkins

Lights Out

My most recent collaboration with Yvette was commissioned by Newcastle City Council to commemorate the centenary of the declaration of war on Europe on 4 August 2014.  Yvette created a set of silk-wrapped boxes.  Positioned around The Renwick War Memorial, ‘The Response’ in Newcastle City Centre, the illuminated boxes slowly dimmed over the course of an hour from 10-11pm, until one single light remained.

Photos: Colin Davison

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