Electronic Props

db_IMG00152-20110520-09531The Time Machine

Working with the Designer, Imogen Cloet, we created a suitcase-enclosed ‘Time Machine’ for the Tyneside Cinema.  Imogen created the design and I added the illuminated elements, which were remotely controlled with a key fob.

Creative Team:
Ian Fenton
Annie Rigby
Imogen Cloet

IMG-20130302-00237The Pomegranate and the Bird Cage

For ZENDEH’s production ‘FLOCK’ I created two electronic elements:
a large illuminated pomegranate and an illuminated birdcage.


The pomegranate was created by soldering 750 individual red LEDs into one large circuit, controlled with a switch secreted in the stalk of the pomegranate.  In this image it is possible to see the red light produced by the IMG_0282pomegranate as it illuminates the actor’s face.



The birdcage was simply illuminated with two lamps at the top and base of the cage.  The one at the base was hidden beneath a perspex cover so that it did not burn the feathered doll that was set inside the cage.

Director: Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambakhsh
Associate Director: Rosie Kellagher
Writer: Steven Gaythorpe
Composer/Musical Director: Mariam Rezaei
Set Designer: Yvette Hawkins
Costume Designer: Emily Stuart
Cast: Christina Berriman Dawson, Ruth Johnson, Carl Kennedy, Rosa Stourac McCreery, Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambakhsh

silk1The Silkworm

For ZENDEH’s production ‘Silk’, I created the Silkworm, which was a magical element whose eyes were illuminated and flashed in a particular sequence when it was hypnotising someone.

Director: Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambakhsh
Writer: Steven Gaythorpe
Music: Brendan Murphy
Video design: Andy Playford
Cast: Karen Traynor, Tom Walton, Eleanor Beveridge

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