Stage Management

I have worked as a Stage Manager for a number of companies including The Harmonettes, Arora Arts, Farnes Productions and Open Clasp.  I am a member of the Stage Management Association

As a Stage Manager I have specialised in small-scale tours, especially to rural and community venues; frequently working with many young start-up companies, where my experience and versatility have proved invaluable.  As the sole technician on the project I am also generally responsible for lighting and sound design.  This involves an awareness of the restrictions on power in most non-theatrical venues as well as the difficulties that can be associated with access for the set and potential sight line issues.  A flexible and adaptable approach is required to maintain the artistic vision of the project whilst making allowances for the limitations of the venue.  In many cases a limited budget also sets particular constraints which can enable an especially creative problem-solving approach.  I particularly enjoy the challenges of small-scale rural touring, as well as the opportunity to form a close-knit team with the actors and creative team.  women of hope

My duties standardly include:

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