lit_phil_referenceFrom Richard Sharp, Hon Secretary of the Lit & Phil:

8 February 2011

Dear Louise,

None of those fortunate enough to be present at last night’s Grand Appeal Launch will ever forget the sensation of seeing the library as they have never seen it before. These enrapturing effects were achieved principally because of the skill and imagination displayed in your excellent lighting arrangements. 

You have opened eyes, in every way.  We hope this will not be the only time that you may be able to create such wonderful effects in this place.

With thanks and best wishes

Yours sincerely

Richard Sharp
[Hon. Secretary]

Tarab letter redacted1F ro m Cl ai re N ov is, T re a s u re r/ S ec re ta r y, T a r a b D a n ce C o m p a n y

1 7 Ju n e 2 0 1 2

D e a r L o ui se

R ih la - T h e Jo u r n e y of B el ly d a n ce
Li g ht in g D es ig n

... M a y w e a g ai n th a n k y o u fo r al l y o u r h a r d w or k a n d co m m it m e nt to th e p ro je ct.  N ot o nl y h a s y o u r li g ht in g d es ig n re al ly b ro u g ht th e show to life but we feel you have truly become part of the Tarab family!  We are already looking forward to working with you again soon.

Kind regards

Claire Novis
Tarab Dance Company

NTC letterFrom Gillian Hambleton, Artistic Director, Northumberland Theatre Company

28 October 2014

Dear Louise

Just a note to thank you so very much for making “Rallying Round” such a fabulous show of which we should all be very proud, and as you know audience feedback has been terrific.

It has been an enormous pleasure working with you, thank you so much for your hard work, energy, enthusiasm and good humour, and it goes without saying, exceptional skills, without which we could not provide such an outstanding service to ‘theatre-less zones’, of a quality not matched by many, far better resourced companies.

Thank you too for your continued support and unerring optimism at this difficult time, hugely appreciated - but that’s what’s great about having the NTC ‘family’ round you!

Once again many thanks and I look forward to working with you again.

Wishing you all success.

Yours truly,

Gillian Hambleton
Artistic Director

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